SimulatorTom Gaymor formed Tom Gaymor Consultancy Ltd (TGC) in July 2011 to bring all of his consultancy projects under one roof and to further create a professional platform from which to operate.

TGC specialises in Talent Development, Driver Coaching, Performance Management and Mentoring.

Carlin Academy
Charged with the creation of a start up project Tom created a structured whole sport strategy plan and a team of like minded individuals to support his mission statement. Based around Long Term Development Carlin now have a recognised ‘Talent Pathway’ supported by revolutionary ‘Learning Programmes’ created by Tom. The aim is to create a better way of winning through the delivery of high quality coaching.

MSA Academy
Working underneath Director of Development and Communications Ben Taylor and alongside Greg Symes, Tom headed up the creation and completion of the inaugural MSA Participation Level 2 Coaching Qualification, finished August 2012. Tom is currently the Quality Control Officer and Internal Verifier for the MSA’s centre of delivery. Tom also helped create the MSA Performance Masterclass delivery matter as well as coaching within the AASE program.